Rice is Rice…

So “let me be clear”, Condoleezza Rice missed an important meeting with members of the National Security Council in July of 2001 about threats from Al Qaeda. This meeting took place after the United States had received actionable intelligence that Al Qaeda was planning to use airplanes as missiles to blow up buildings in the US. Somehow she missed the meeting due to “scheduling”. Several classified reports from the intelligence community including three FBI agents whose warnings (in writing) had already been confirmed.

Yes, intelligence “firewalls” prevented the sharing of information by the US intelligence community. Most of the “9/11” hijackers were already on “watch lists” in the US. The fact that  a group of men of Arabic descent living in the US studying to become pilots, who had little interest in learning how to “land” was already a documented known fact provided by their flight instructors.

The importance of “hardening” cockpit doors on airplanes was already a topic of conversation within the airline industry, and on Capitol Hill and at the (NTSB) in 1999; information “not” deliberately diluted by the intelligence community; in this case Ms. Rice’s “inaction” spoke louder than words.

Susan Rice, is being accused of wrong doing because she made statements following the attack in Benghazi based on intelligence deliberately “diluted” by the intelligence community and her “actions/words” are being classified by some Republicans as deceptive, and mis-leading; even worthy of blocking her nomination. Condoleezza Rice’s was still confirmed as


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