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On Romney’s visit with Pastor Billy Graham: Making the Right Move

October 18, 2012

I am continuously amazed at the boldness, and arrogance of “non-believers” towards God’s omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Even as they live and breathe, experience miracles daily, witness blessings bestowed on the faithful, and even the undeserving.

Still, despite their own unbelief they have no explanations for their own existence; they cannot explain the wonders of nature, the expansive universe, miraculous healings, gravity, the tides, the wings of a humming bird, the transition of Caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, divine intervention in cases where all seems lost.

All the while, the non-believers very existence is in fact the greatest proof of the existence of God, his unfailing grace and mercy.

At one point in my own journey I still marveled at the nerve of the unbelievers whenever I encountered them; their cynicism, boldness, fearlessness in their belief in their own power, their ability challenge the existence of God, the gift of his “only begotten son’s” blood for the remission of sin in lieu of endless blood sacrifices of animals to receive absolution.

I often pondered, perhaps it is their disdain for “the law” handed down through Moses, which once God concluded was too difficult for man to keep, he replaced with “Plan B” “GRACE” which was made available to “all” who simply believe in “the gift of his son’s life as restitution, and God’s unfailing grace and mercy. He then chose a former “non-believer” Paul to deliver the message to “non – believers” and “believers” alike.

I applaud Mr. Romney for his visit with Pastor Graham, and thank Pastor Graham whose revival messages I first listened to as child growing up in a racist, hate filled environment in the delta of Mississippi during the ’50s, and ’60s on a tiny radio.

In fact, one of the main reasons I became involved in the civil rights movement despite the entrenched racism I experienced daily. I lived across the street from J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant in Ruleville, MS after they killed 14 year old Emmett Till in Money, MS and moved next door to me and my grand mom and grand dad on the corner of highway 49w and Weber Street.

My epiphany came when, I finally got to see Pastor Graham on television, and watching him it occurred to me that if this “white man” Billy Graham could love my people (Black people) and offer them the same opportunity to experience salvation as he did the “white” people who flocked to his big tent revivals, and streamed down front to received “salvation, forgiveness for sin, and membership in the “body of Christ at the end of his services; I could help Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advance his non-violent efforts to bring about change and harmony between Black and White peoples.

Like it or not, knowledge of the Mormon faith will grow exponentially as a result of Mr. Romney’s campaign, and the young male missionaries who go “door to door” much like Mr. Romney once did will experience more doors and hearts being opened compared to what was the reality before campaign 2012. In fact, two approached me recently while I was out working on my yard, and for the first time I actually listened, and held a conversation with them “believer to believer”, only then did I discover that a new couple who moved in next door to me are in fact also “Mormon”, Go figure!

It is my firm belief that the greater benefit from the meeting will come for those who find fault in the Mormon faith because they understand so little about it, and “non-believers” who will ultimately benefit from the combined resources these faith communities provide to “believers” and “non-believers” in need across the nation and the world.