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September 9, 2012


What Maryland’s Governor O’Malley Couldn’t Say

September 9, 2012
So Governor O’Malley is still getting grief for his answer to the question “are we better off now than we were four years ago?”
The correct answer was in fact “yes” and “no.” O’Malley just started with the “no” (the only answer a sitting governor can give especially when he is head of the national governors association, and is considering a future run for national office in a climate such as this.
What he could not say was “no” because the obstructionists seized the opportunity immediately after Obama’s election to nullify the enthusiasm and climate of consent for his success; some (Democrats) because they were too weak to act while they were still in control of congress, and others (Republicans) because they were determined to make sure he failed at all costs.
The other half of his correct answer to the question (“yes”) is true and appropriate also not just because Osama Bin Laden is dead, and the nation averted a financial disaster due to Obama’s leadership during the years immediately after he was elected, but we as a nation know so much more now about the choices we must make regarding the obstructionists on both sides of the isle if we are going to “move forward” in 2012, and the years ahead.
O’Malley couldn’t/can’t say that either because to do so would endanger his relationship with Republican governors many of whom are supported by the same individual donors, corporations and PACS who support the congressional obstructionists.
Add to this the fact that the experience over the past four years has (most importantly) empowered the individual voter like no other time in the nation’s history and the winning margin in this election could equal size of the population of an average city. But then O’Malley couldn’t say that either.