America’s non-partisan cunundrum

The shooter in Wisconsin’s actions and life style indicate he is a “willing host” to a negative spirit. It fueled his hatred for others he assumed were his enemies. By contrast the shooter responsible for the massacre in Colorado was an “unwilling host” seeking help with his promptings. He “telegraphed” as much to his doctor in person, and in information discovered after the incident.Both men purchased and possessed guns legally.

The Wisconsin shooter also “telegraphed” (via his choice of friends, conversations, music and lifestyle) his willingness to be such a host. Either mindset (host) with a weapon legal or otherwise is a danger to society. Neither are necessarily “bad people”, but both were no match for their indwelling negative spirits. Therefore, America has two choices when it comes to dealing with such individuals; to identify, isolate, and eliminate them (the hosts,) or reduce their access to weapons via sensible legislation. This is America’s  non-partisan cunundrum.


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