A “climate of consent” for gun violence via policy or practice is a dangerous game

A nation cannot create a climate of consent for gun violence via policy or practice and not expect a culture to emerge that finds sustenance in such a climate.  The shooter in Colorado did not create the climate; he simply took advantage of it. Like the hijackers on “9/11” he did not commit a crime until he entered the theater and pulled the triggers.

He did not use a fake name to purchase his ticket, or his arsenal, and the hijackers did not use fake names to buy their tickets, or box cutters. The shooter in Colorado took advantage of access to a side door that should have been un-accessible to patrons except in case of an emergency. The hijackers took advantage cock pit doors that should have been hardened. And,  like the hijackers who literally died on the scene, the killer in Colorado also died on the scene because who he was before he began his carnage died the moment he pulled the trigger on the first weapon in the theater. I would bet there is no law against releasing chemical aerosol irritants with the intent to create mass hysteria in theaters in Aurora, or any place else in America for that matter before this incident.

It is important for us to remember that in the history of warfare, and of the world there has never been but one successful defense against suicide attackers which is …identification, isolation, and elimination.


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