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Want Change? Don’t be Hood-winked;Be Vigilant!

March 26, 2012

Lots of folks showing up now  in the “hood”  and elsewhere wearing a “hood”, when in fact if they had gone to the “hood” when the folks in the hood were crying out for justice Sanford, Fla. would have been a different neighborhood.

The difference between the “virtual media leaders” of today and leaders of Dr. King’s era is that, Dr. King showed up (as he did in Memphis) as soon as the cry for help was heard, and not after the cameras appeared. He didn’t send out Press Releases on his itinerary while in town, or line up multiple media interviews to maximize his appearance or involvement.

If you added up all of the audience potential of the “virtual media leaders” converging on Sanford, Fla. now that Trayvon Martin has been killed, and applied it to just one of the earlier incidents involving African American males having their civil rights denied by the Sanford Police department (multiple cases were documented long before Trayvon was shot), watch Captain Zimmerman would have responded differently to Trayvon’s presence. He would have been aware that despite Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law there was no “climate of consent” in Sanford for him to use “deadly force” and in fact the order by his dispatcher not to pursue would not have been an arbitrary practice, but an (active) Sanford Neighborhood  Watch policy.

As a result; if Zimmerman claims “self-defense”, pleads the 5th (to avoid self-incrimination), his defense team presents evidence his wounds were defensive wounds, he stands by his claim “he was returning to his truck and was attacked by Trayvon,” and there is any evidence (video, eyewitness, etc.) or otherwise to back up his version of the story, at most he will be charged with violating Trayvon’s civil rights. He would avoid the risk of perjuring himself (like the murderers of Emmett Till did) by not testifying in his own defense, and like Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam, if tried once and acquitted, there would be no appeal because of “Double Jeopardy”, and there could be no claim of perjury because he would not have testified in the first place.

Emmett Till wore a hat, however as his murderers later pointed out to Author, William Bradford Huie, it wasn’t Till’s hat that enraged them but his head (mindset).  As it was not Trayvon’s hoodie but his presence, and sense of entitlement in Sanford that created the perfect storm for his death, which could have been avoided if one of the “virtual media leaders” had showed up when the brothers, fathers, and mothers of sons who preceded Trayvon in Sanford, cried out for help.