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Ferarro on Obama

March 21, 2008



Ms. Ferraro, can’t help it she was just caught with her historical deficit in her mouth.

She forgot that the feminist movement in America could not begin until after the modern civil rights movement began and white females demanded that their male colleagues stop lynching African-American males under the guise of protecting white females.


Once Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem and other white females in the early fifties and sixties confronted the behavior of their brothers, they could then emerge as feminist and thus the feminist movement was born.


Yes, the outgrowth of that was perhaps a Barack Obama, born to a white female and an African father. However in America Obama was then, and remains Black and special not because of his origins and color but in spite of both.


John Milton Wesley


Fannie Lou

March 21, 2008

Fannie Lou

Fannie Lou walked with a limp

And told white people,

“I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Before the bus ride to Indianola to register and vote,

And after she took back

her beautiful round Black face From Artra Skin Tone Cream,

she and “Pap”Moved across the street

from theChurch of Christ Holiness

in the “Sanctified Quarters” in Ruleville,

She became a legend in her own time.

Just imagine, one day at Coppin in Baltimore,

The next day at Harvard, or Princeton,

The next day back in the fields.

Then on Sunday

hers was the biggest voice

At Williams Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

I can hear her now        

           Thou my everlasting portion  

             More than breath and life to me

            All along this pilgrim’s journey

            Savior let me walk with thee

           Close to thee! Close to thee.” 

“Bubba you betta git on up heah boy,

You know you gotta git dat other hunnerd

And I can’t help you today.” 

Um comin’ Ms. Fannie Lou, But my back is hurtin’.

 “Boy you ain’t got no back,You ain’t got nothing but a gristle.”

 Fannie looked like a nanny,

Was big busted And cooked the best chocolate cake

 I have ever tasted.

She died from lack of love.

What she wanted for her people

Ate her up on the inside

While neighbors gossiped

And spread rumors

about Late night rides with “young civil rights workers”,

And “what’s happening to the money for the poor.

While Negroes to scared to act,

Too smart to be seen, and too weak to take risks,

 hid Until they almost beat Fannie Lou to death,

But she kept on singing  

“And before I’d be a slave,

 I’ll be buried in my grave

 And go home to my Lord

 And be free!”  

John Milton Wesley….from “Salvos”.

March 14, 2008 was the anniversary of Mrs. Hamer’s death in Mound Bayou, MS in 1977 from Breast Cancer. She lived in Ruleville, MS and was my “Godmother”.